RSE Volunteer Team

RSE Volunteer Team

RSE has an incredible volunteer program, consisting of professionals across a wide variety of industries and skill-sets. The common bond that they share is a deep passion for the environment, for robots, for education, and for good business. Collectively this is a group will ensure the success of RSE.


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Why RSE? I love that a great design in technology directly contributes to the progress made towards finding a solution to the global lionfish problem. RSE gives me the opportunity to help create a positive impact on the world and our environment by using my engineering background.


Mechanical Engineer

Why RSE? As an enthusiastic outdoor adventurer, I want to help protect the environment in any way that I can. Some of my favorite moments have been spent kayaking on the ocean or finding something amazing during a walk in the woods. I think robots can help us develop balance between human activity and the ecosystems that we are a part of.


Mechanical Engineer

Why RSE? I like to spend my spare time outdoors and value the environment. I was also fortunate to be able to visit the Great Barrier Reef and see it firsthand. RSE provides the opportunity to give back and help preserve nature for future generations so that they can enjoy it the way I have in my life.


Creative Services

Why RSE? I love being outdoors, exploring nature, and I’ve kept freshwater aquariums at home for years. When I saw an opportunity to help defend aquatic ecosystems (and with really cool robots to boot) how could I not join the effort?


Systems Engineer

Why RSE? Andy has worked in the mobile robotics industry for many years and is best known for his work on the legged robots BigDog and AlphaDog from Boston Dynamics. He is presently a Principal Systems Engineer at iRobot, and enjoys taking a pragmatic systems approach to robot design.

Additional RSE Volunteers

  • Chris Bradley - Principle Electrical Engineer
  • Joe Pak - Software Engineer
  • Casey Matthews - Mechanical Engineering Technician
  • Junior Quintero - Software Volunteer
  • Stephen Hickey - Principle Mechanical Engineer
  • Matthew Wilson - Test Engineer
  • Chris Moran - Software Volunteer
  • Minxian Falender - Electrical Engineer

Work With Us

Want to get involved? Send us an email at with 3-5 sentences describing why you would like to volunteer with RSE on a current or future project. Include any important information about the specific ways in which you can help the RSE organization or support a specific RSE project, if appropriate. Also be sure to include a tall headshot (161 x 215 pixels).