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RSE Team

RSE Team Leads


Principal Roboticist

Adam Cantor is a Principal Robotics Engineer at RSE, acting as the primary R&D Roboticist for the custom Underwater ROV platform. With over 5 years of robotics research in bio-inspired design, swarm theory, autonomous vehicles, and advanced sensing; he is responsible for developing all-terrain mobile robotic solutions for RSE projects. RSE provides an opportunity to make a difference in the world.


Manufacturing Lead

Why RSE? I grew up on Lake Champlain, in VT, and witnessed firsthand the zebra mussels and milfoil devastate the ecosystem of the lake. I joined RSE to help transition the prototype robots into manufactured products, because, when we release a robot that is easy to use, highly functional, and affordable, we will enable change.


Underwater Systems Lead

Why RSE? I am an electrical engineer and have been working with Robotics for the last 18 years. I’ve worked on projects ranging from high volume consumer robots, military ground robotics, unmanned underwater robotics, and autonomous surface robots. I’ve have also been scuba diving for over 25 years. RSE gives me the opportunity to combine my professional experience with my passion for diving while giving back to the environment.


Electrical Systems Lead

Why RSE? Between growing up in the Ocean state and working in Ocean Engineering through college, I've always been drawn to the sea but it was diving that exposed me to the incredible beauty lying beneath. Working on robots to help protect that beauty? Just awesome!”


AI and Autonomy Lead

Why RSE? Lionfish invasion in the Caribbean is one of the world's most horrible environmental disasters. RSE has the ultimate goal of stopping the invasion and tries to achieve this in a very fascinating and challenging way. As a robotics engineer, I am excited to use my skills for something that really matters and to preserve the environment. At RSE I am leading Autonomy and Navigation team that aims to develop autonomous capabilities for our underwater robotic platform.

RSE Volunteer Team

RSE has an incredible volunteer program, consisting of professionals across a wide variety of industries and skill-sets. The common bond that they share is a deep passion for the environment, for robots, for education, and for good business. Collectively this is a group will ensure the success of RSE.

Work With Us

Want to get involved? Send us an email at talent@robotsise.org with 3-5 sentences describing why you would like to volunteer with RSE on a current or future project. Include any important information about the specific ways in which you can help the RSE organization or support a specific RSE project, if appropriate. Also be sure to include a tall headshot (161 x 215 pixels).

RSE Partners and Experts

  • Mark Slaughter - Principal Engineer, Jabil
  • Richard Diehl - Quality Engineer, Jabil
  • David Marasco - Solutions Specialist, Jabil
  • Ed Williams - Robo Nautica LLC Owner, Underwater Robotics Designer
  • Rosario Robert - Engineering Design and Testing
  • Rick Therrien - Mechanical Engineering
  • Mark Claffee - Systems Engineer
  • Pavlo Rudakevych - Early-Concept Development, System Architecture
  • Geoff Gardner - Director of Bermuda Operations
  • Helen Gardner - Bermuda Volunteer
  • Orin Hoffman - Roboticist
  • Suzanne Hammer - Operations
  • Scott Miller - Manufacturing Advisor
  • Chris Flook - Fish Behavioralist
  • Philippe Rouja - Bermuda Curator of Wrecks / Diver
  • Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley - Marine Biologist - Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  • Patrick Cooney - Electrofishing Expert

Friends of RSE

A special thanks to our ‘Friends of RSE’ who helped fund our Kickstarter campaign and pledged to ‘Eat ‘em to Beat ‘em!’

  • Ellen Attorri
  • Jeremy Rodney
  • Douglas Williams
  • Holly Freudlich
  • Shah Selbe
  • Sherry Cogan
  • Rebecca DeSensi
  • Claudio Mühle
  • Pavel Uhliar
  • Daniel Puro
  • John Buesseler
  • Andrew Uyeno
  • Bobby