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We Build Robotics Technology to Address Critical Environmental Issues

Current Environmental Project: Invasive Lionfish Threatening Coral Reefs

"RSE has delivered proof of the Guardian in action and is currently testing it in Bermuda, where Rizzi and team are navigating it around the waters in search of lionfish this week."

"We humans have created this lionfish problem for ourselves, so now our hope is that we can eat our way out of it"

We Believe Robotics Technology Should Help Solve Worldwide Environmental Challenges

About RSE

The mission of RSE is to apply scalable robotic technology to solving large-scale environmental challenges and to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers through our efforts. Our initial focus is to provide a targeted solution for lionfish population control and help restore a balance to subsea ecosystems in the western Atlantic.

Crisis in the Ocean: The Invasive Lionfish

Lionfish are indiscriminate and voracious predators that do not stop feeding. They gorge on at least 70 different species of reef fish and crustaceans and are capable of eating prey up to half the size of their own body. Reefs are already under threat from climate change and ocean acidification. As the lionfish devour herbivores, such as wrasse, the corals become vulnerable to algae overgrowth and eventually are smothered and die. RSE not only sheds light on environmental issues like this, but offers a sustainable platform where robots can be developed to serve the environment.

Our Solution: The Guardian

The Guardian LF1 device is driven by a controller similar to a gaming controller and is very user-friendly and lightweight at about 20 pounds. This device is special because it is the first to reach, stun, and capture lionfish that are found very deep below safe depths for diving. At this depth, lionfish reproduce quickly and unchecked by any predators - causing havoc for reefs and fish ecosystems. Once captured, the lionfish may be cooked for a tasty meal or sold!