RSE Team

RSE Volunteer Team

RSE has an incredible volunteer program, consisting of professionals across a wide variety of industries and skill-sets. The common bond that they share is a deep passion for the environment, for robots, for education, and for good business. Collectively this is a group will ensure the success of RSE.



Why RSE? Our environment is in a global crisis. For years I have been overwhelmed with the amount of devastation we’re experiencing around the world, from climate change to the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. RSE is providing practical efforts to stop the unnerving destruction of our planet’s ecosystems not only by highlighting the environmental needs, but by empowering everyone with the tools and education they need to help. The team behind RSE is far ahead of their game; I’m excited to see how they will continue to impact environmental needs and positively change the direction of our current situation, one robot at a time.


Mechanical Engineering

Why RSE? I grew up near the beach and have always enjoyed sailing, kayaking and fishing. RSE is an opportunity to help the marine environment with my skills.


Engineering Design and Testing

Why RSE? I have been working in robotics for over 20 years always looking for ways to improve people’s lives and our planet. As a RSE Volunteer I get to combine my passion for robotics and the ocean, and hopefully inspire future generations of engineers.


Electrofishing Expert

Why RSE? I train people around the world how to use electricity to safely and effectively capture fish for aquatic conservation purposes. I volunteer with the expert team at RSE because training robots to capture fish in places where humans are physically limited is critical to the long term control of invasive species like lionfish.


Early-Concept Development, Brainstorming, System Architecture

Why RSE? As a sailor and a diver, I have seen firsthand the marks left by mankind in the most remote parts of the oceans. With 25+ yrs of experience in space and robot systems, I see many ways technology can be applied to start undoing the damage, and give nature a helpful nudge back onto its own course.


Robo Nautica LLC Owner, Underwater Robotics Designer

Why RSE? If Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ had gills it would be a Lionfish, which are the most devastating threat to the health of entire Western Atlantic coral reef ecosystem ever faced. I am glad for the opportunity to bring 35 years as a diver and 20 building underwater robotics to assist RSE with what will be a long campaign for marine stewardship and restoration.


Principal Mobile Platforms Engineer

Why RSE? Adam Cantor is a Principal Robotics Engineer at RSE, acting as the primary R&D Roboticist for the custom Underwater ROV platform. With over 5 years of robotics research in bio-inspired design, swarm theory, autonomous vehicles, and advanced sensing; he is responsible for developing all-terrain mobile robotic solutions for RSE projects. RSE provides an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Suzanne Hammer

Administrative Assistant

Why RSE? I have always been fascinated by the ocean and its incredible depths and unfathomable diversity. Working with RSE is an opportunity to help in the movement to preserve the ocean’s health and educate others about how to be effective caretakers of our environment.


Manufacturing Advisor

Why RSE? I am an ocean engineer by training and have spent my career building high volume consumer electronic products. But, most importantly, I am an avid environmentalist and sailor. RSE is solving a key problem and will make the oceans a better place. I'm thrilled to be part of this effort.

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